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You can rely on us for sign language interpreting for:

Types of appointments: For more information/resources:
Medical and Mental Health appointments

National Association of the Deaf

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Medical | Mental health

American Medical Association
Legal appointments (depositions, trials, hearings)

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Family law

For courts needing interpreting, California Evidence Code, Section 754

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Working with Interpreters
Employment meetings (job interviews, staff meetings, performance reviews, on-the-job training)

Besides the many benefits of clear communication, find out the legal reasons why you would hire an interpreter.

You may be entitled to a tax credit for interpreting costs: IRS Form 8826 "Disabled Access Credit"
College/University classes

A Guide for Instructors

Working with Interpreters
24-hour emergency interpreting (Sonoma County)

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Family and personal events (weddings, family meetings, funerals, holiday gatherings)

Call us (334) 219-3245 voice or
(334) 217-4567 VP
*For information about whether or not you legally have to provide interpreting, you may contact the Department of Justice (anonymously) to get more information: or
(voice) 800 - 514 - 0301
800 - 514 - 0383 (TTY)