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Parents of Deaf Kids

As a parent, you can get a non certified interpreter for your child's education and medical appointments. Community is approved by the State of California to provide interpreting in the schools. When you have an interpreter at medical appointments you are free you are free to be both a parent and an advocate.

If you are having difficulty getting the services you need for your child, you may contact the California Center for Law and the Deaf, or if you are in Sonoma County, Gail Flatt, an attorney who specializes in Deaf rights:

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Nancy LoDolce, Attorney for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing students and their families who need help getting appropriate access and services in public and private schools. (707) 544-4600, - Helping families raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing since 1967. - For hearing children of deaf adults. - Alliance for families with deaf children. - "The Deaf Bilingual Coalition, (DBC) promotes the basic human right of all deaf infants and young children to have access to language and cognitive development through American Sign Language (ASL)."

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