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Assessing Your Needs


Here are some areas to consider when assessing your needs for a sign language interpreter. Is the assignment over one hour in length? If so, it may require two interpreters. A team of interpreters is used in the following situations:

  • longer or complex appointments
  • when the client has unique language needs
  • challenging physical and emotional dynamics
  • when there is a risk of repetitive stress injuries for interpreters

You can read more information about team interpreting at the RID website.


Another area we assess is if the Deaf client requires the use of a CDI - non certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI). A CDI is needed when the deaf person does not use standard American Sign Language (ASL). The client's language may be so unique that it cannot be adequately interpreted by interpreters who are not Deaf and do not have the native language user's ability to detect subtleties in the message. Some situations may involve individuals who:

  • use idiosyncratic, non-standard signs or gestures such as those commonly referred to as "home signs" which are unique to a family
  • use a foreign sign language
  • have minimal exposure to standard ASL
  • are deaf-blind or deaf with limited vision
  • use signs particular to a given region, ethnic or age group
  • have characteristics reflective of Deaf Culture not familiar to non-Deaf interpreters
  • children or adults in mental health, medical, or legal venues

You can read more about using a CDI at the RID website. official site